About Me

My name is Britta Leino. I’ve taught a year of 6th grade, three years of 5th grade, and this will be my first year as our district’s Tech Coach. As part of my new position I am trying to broaden my technology horizons. One of my first goals is to start a blog and keep it up to date.

I’m married, have a baby named Alice, we have 3 cats and 2 dogs. My husband and I have lived in a tiny house for 2 years and now that we have a baby we built a 10ft by 12ft room in our shop to partially live in. We are busy working on getting our future full-sized house built. We loved living in the tiny house, but since it is only 8ft by 16ft, it is not made for 3 people. Our life is one big chaotic adventure and I hope to blog about how I try to pull it all together.

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